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Career Development Series – Introductory Event
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Career Development Series – Introductory Event

AWIS-GCH introduces “Career Development Series”. This series will open doors to various career options. Come and learn from established professionals about their career journeys, their transitions, and their phenomenal achievements. Our introductory event on Wednesday, August 12th features Dr Suparna Sanyal , Innovation and Commercial Integration Manager, from the Houston area. If you are unsure about your career … Continue reading

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AWIS GCH Homemade Mask Donation Challenge

Support and protect our Houston community as we re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Make masks to donate to help our essential workers! Find an instructional video at or see the attached PDF for printable mask sewing patterns. Donations accepted at: Houston Food Bank: Mask Match: DonatePPE: #GetUsPPE: Share photos of you and your mask donations … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Webinar Series

Join as we we pair up with the American Society of Microbiology TMC on two events where we break down the current science on Covid-19 and where we go from here! Event 1: COVID-19 101 – The Basics (May 2nd, 2pm CST) This event will establish the basics of COVID-19 by professionals in the field. … Continue reading