Immatics, Director of Program Management

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Immatics is looking for an experienced individual with at least 10 years of clinical trials management experience for a position as Director of Program Management. See below for more details.

Immatics US Inc. is a new company headquartered in Houston, Texas and created as a wholly owned subsidiary of Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH (Germany). The primary goal of Immatics US Inc. is to deliver personalized adoptive cellular immunotherapy for cancer in indications with high unmet medical need. Immatics GmbH is the leading biopharmaceutical company in the development of cancer immunotherapeutics based on tumor-associated peptides (TUMAPs) which constitute the most relevant targets for all T-cell based immunotherapies. Immatics has been one of the most successful biotechnology companies in Europe in raising approx. $165m of venture capital and currently employs a work force of approx. 100 people based in Germany and 35 people based in the US

Immatics utilizes its proprietary discovery engine XPRESIDENT® to access in a unique and high-throughput fashion the naturally presented cancer immunopeptidome. Immatics is able to identify, select and validate hundreds of novel TUMAPs for treatment of cancer, while competitors in immunotherapy are restricted to a limited set of publicly described antigenic targets. Immatics has successfully delivered the proof-of-concept for its platform with three cancer vaccines being clinically developed in renal cell cancer, colorectal cancer, and glioma from phase I to III studies, has filed multiple INDs in Europe and US and has further validated its platform by a recently closed broad strategic partnership in which targets are delivered to Roche, the leading player in oncology, gaining significant upfront, research and up to $1bn in potential milestones payments plus royalties.

Immatics US Inc. is building a sustainable and globally leading pharmaceutical company with the goal to develop and commercialize cellular immunotherapies targeting novel TUMAPs. Immatics US Inc. will receive from its mother company an exclusive, irrevocable, and perpetual license to use XPRESIDENT® for cellular therapy applications.

Immatics US Inc’s key goal is to build a pipeline based on adoptive cellular therapy (ACT). ACT has demonstrated dramatic clinical effects in melanoma and certain blood cancers. However, relevant and safe targets to translate these initial successes to other cancer types are critically lacking to the field. Immatics will use its XPRESIDENT® platform to enable novel ACT products. ACT will be developed in three variants utilizing (a) autologous endogenous T cells (ACTolog), (b) autologous gene-engineered T cells (ACTengine) and (c) allogeneic gene-engineered T cells (ACTallo). ACT has the ability to induce rapid clinical responses, is most suitable for terminal-stage cancer patients and can be developed up to FDA marketing approval rapidly within few years.

Immatics US Inc. will establish in Houston a significant R&D infrastructure. A total of approx. 45 FTE of highly qualified people are planned to be based in in Houston by the end of 2017. To facilitate the shortest possible timelines to value inflections points, a number of well-defined preclinical and clinical development tasks will be subcontracted to the MD Anderson Cancer Center which offers a critical mass of leading immunotherapy expertise in development of ACT as well as a unique clinical development infrastructure at a single location.

ROLE: Director / Senior Director Program Management

You will work in Houston in an interdisciplinary environment with colleagues from pre-clinical and clinical development, business development and intellectual property. Your work will be performed in close collaboration with the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and with Immatics biotechnologies GmbH (Germany). Your organizational skills, action-oriented style and analytical reasoning will contribute to the team’s success.


• Responsible for developing and executing the overall development plan for one of the company’s Adoptive Cell Therapy (ACT) program, including company sponsored clincial trials and company contributions to investigator initiated trials.
• Overall ownership of the company’s related IND(s).
• Identify key research questions for the program.
• Design and supervision of work packages including goals, objectives and timelines.
• Lead internal and external project team meetings.
• Dotted line supervision of the clinical and research teams that contribute to the program.
• Develop and oversee budgets for the project.
• Coordinate vendor relations.
• Work closely with management and directly report to the Chief Scientific Officer.
• Other duties as required.

You have excellent organizational skills. By your leadership skills and enthusiasm for the program, you are able to lead international cross-sectional project teams and have gained for several years comprehensive knowledge in the core methodologies that are applied in the field. You possess immunological basic knowledge and ideally oncological knowledge. You can ideally demonstrate solid operating experience in the field of adoptive cellular therapy using autologous T cells.

We expect a high degree of independent working, analytical reasoning and the ability to communicate effectively. You take careful editing and documenting your results for granted and are conversant with operating MS-Office. You embrace rapidly changing requirements with an open mind and show a high degree of flexibility in an environment which is marked by a constant striving for excellence. Your motivation is driven by your dedication to innovation and science. You approach tasks in a structured, reliable and foresighted manner; combined with a high level of individual responsibility, enthusiasm and strong social skills.


Ph.D. level or M.D. level

Lonnie Brantz
Senior Director of Clinical Operations and Project Management
220 Gibraltar Road, Ste 150
Horsham, PA 19044
Phone: 267-948-1433

Allison Greenfield
Client Partner, Discovery and Development
220 Gibraltar Road, STE 150
Horsham, PA 19044
Phone: 267-948-1430

Michael Schoener
Senior Director of Discovery and Development
220 Gibraltar Road, STE 150
Horsham, PA 19044
Phone: 267-948-1442

Ilysa Shorr
Clinical Operations – (Support)
220 Gibraltar Road, Suite 150
Horsham, PA 19044
Phone: 267-948-1434